Pure Nature

Nature Perfected Composed

Nature Perfected Composed of 93% natural quartz, one of nature’s strongest minerals, NaturaQuartz is resistant to stains, scratches, most household chemicals and moderate heat.

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Acidic Food Resistance: Yes 100%
Stain Resistance: Very High 100%
Heat Resistance: Very High 100%
Scratch Resistance: Medium 50%
Mohs Hardness Estimate: 7 70%

Why NaturaQuartz?

In manufacturing NaturaQuartz we meld nature and modern technology into an unparalleled surfacing material. Since NaturaQuartz incorporates all-natural quartz minerals mined from the earth, there may be slight color variations and particulate concentrations, just as in natural stone surfaces. Stylish Ideas The natural quartz delivers distinctive depth, brilliant clarity, glimmering radiance and a cool, solid feel unique to natural stone.