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In manufacturing Natura Quartz we meld nature and modern technology into an unparalleled surfacing material. Since Natura Quartz incorporates all-natural quartz minerals mined from the earth, there may be slight color variations and particulate concentrations, just as in natural stone surfaces.

Composed of 93% natural quartz, one of nature’s strongest minerals, Natura Quartz is resistant to stains, scratches, most household chemicals and moderate heat.Because it is non-porous, Natura Quartz does not need to be sealed. Natura Quartz is a maintenance-free star compared to solid surfaces that may require rigorous maintenance to clean up tough stains, scratches and scorch marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the difference between Granite, Marble and Quartz?

Granite is a natural porous stone which is quarried in blocks and cut into slabs. The granite must be sealed and can last up to 25 years before resealing.

Marble is porous and is not recommended for in kitchens. However if someone only had their kitchen for show then marble can be used. Marble is soft, permeable and vulnerable to stains and used mostly in bathrooms. If lemon or any acidic foods contact the countertop the shine will come off. It is recommended sealing every year.

is an abundant gemstone, and it makes an ideal countertop in many ways. Combine ground quartz with coloring pigment and a binding agent. NaturaQuartz is the most durable manufactured countertops on the market and solid surface. Quartz does not require sealing.

What are the advantages of NaturaQuartz ?

  • Maintenance free
  • Non-porous, requires no sealing
  • Food safe
  • Large color selection
  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch and chip resistant
  • 15-20 years warranty

How is NaturaQuartz produced?

NaturaQuartz is a manufactured surface that is made by mixing 93% ground natural quartz with 7% polymer resins. The result is a material that still looks natural, but the engineering provides for more consumer customization based on the individual’s design plans.

How durable is NaturaQuartz ?

NaturaQuartz slabs are the most durable surface material engineered stone. NaturaQuartz ranks number 7.0 on MOH’s Hardness scale, which is used to measure the scratch- resistance of a material. It is resistant to cracks, chips, scratches and stains. Although it is very durable, excessive amounts of stress from objects can harm the surface.

Is NaturaQuartz color consistent?

NaturaQuartz slabs are made from pure, natural quartz. Variation in quartz, color, shape, shade, pattern and size are unique traits of quartz slabs . Although some quartz colors may be more consistent than granite, color variance is an inherent trait expected of quartz slabs. In addition, small blotches or random distribution of particulates are an inherent part of overall design and composition and are not considered to be defects or product non-conformity.

Do I need to apply a sealer to NaturaQuartz slabs ?

Due to NaturaQuartz non-porous surfaces, you will never have to apply sealer to any of our surfaces.

In which areas of the home should NaturaQuartz be used ?

You can use NaturaQuartz for kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, fireplaces, shower surrounds, windowsills and coffee tables. Businesses can use NaturaQuartz for food service counters, conference tables and reception tops. Just remember that NaturaQuartz cannot be used for exterior purposes as it can discolor with too much exposure to ultraviolet light.

What special precautions should be taken when cooking near NatuaQuartz surfaces ?

Quartz can be affected by extreme heat, so manufacturers recommend using cutting boards, trivets and hot pads while preparing meals. NaturaQuartz is very durable, but remember that any material can be damaged if not cared for properly.

Are NaturaQuartz surfaces really indestructible?

No. Quartz, like any countertop surface, can be damaged with extreme abuse. If in fact you are able to chip the edge, we will be able to repair the damage in most cases. Since quartz is not porous, it is easy to keep bacteria-free for a healthy home and some manufacturers also add silver ions to aid in repelling bacteria.

Can I cut on my NaturaQuartz surfaces ?

Engineered stone is more ‘stone like’, because it’s a mixture of 93% quartz and 7% polyester resin which is pressed into slabs. Due to this mixture it has superior strength and beauty. Although your knives will not ruin Quartz countertops, using a cutting board is suggested to avoid dulling the surface.


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